Microsoft IT using Clariion and Replication Manager/SE

This WhitePaper was just released today to the general public. It is the updated case study of Microsoft’s internal IT department’s Exchange implementation. This is specifically focused on how they use RM/SE in production at Microsoft to manage VSS backups on the Clariion platform. It is good guidance for anyone interested in using the Clariion platform in production.

There is more information about Replication Manager for Symmetrix and Clariion as well.

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2 Responses to “Microsoft IT using Clariion and Replication Manager/SE”

  1. Messaging….. Technology…… Life….. » Exchange 2007 and RM…. Says:

    […] I attended an Exchange 2007 presentation yesterday by one of my co-workers. This presentation was focused on Replication Manager, which is targeted as the new name for RM/SE & RM Enterprise edition a.k.a. RM/Local (I say targeted as it is pre-beta). Remember this is the product that is protecting MSIT’s Exchange infrastructure with VSS in it’s current release. The product I saw is still pre-beta so it was nice to get in and talk with the developers about it’s direction and what features would be implemented and what features were in a future release. Unfortunately those details…… release dates, feature sets, and all the information that you really want to know is under the “not allowed to blog about” category…… […]

  2. July 18th - One year of blogging « Messaging….. Technology…… Life….. Says:

    […] first post titled “Microsoft IT using Clariion and Replication Manager/SE” seems like a lifetime ago. Isn’t RM/SE EOL already? I guess time really does fly on […]

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