Windows Live Mail Desktop Beta

Taking a break from corporate email, I came home today and installed the new Windows Live Mail Desktop Beta. Despite being a mouthful and a re-make of the Outlook Express product. The new Live Mail viewer is kind of a neat tool. It’s nice to see that Microsoft is trying to keep the age old classic Outlook Express alive in the new world of software as a service. The Live Mail Desktop product is easy to install, setup, and use and has the same look and feel as the new Live Messenger product (which is handy).

A couple of things to note that I really like are the RSS reader (although MS needs to start innovating RSS technologies if they ever want to lead in that area ), the age old classic….. the NNTP Reader, and the multiple account access…. a la Outlook Express
Live Mail Desktop
UPDATE 08/03/06: I have had continuous problems actually replying to email through this program. Be ready to login into the web interface to respond to some messages. It appears to be most any message, the issue is that you cannot edit the message above the previous text (so your new text apears in the same space as the text from the message you are replying to, below thier message header).


4 Responses to “Windows Live Mail Desktop Beta”

  1. becs Says:

    HI Josh,

    Are you aware there is a new build for this just released yesterday? Try out build 1024, lots of bug fixes.

  2. Norenberg Says:

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  3. Capello Says:

    Pretty cool Theme. Which one do you use?
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  4. Athans Says:

    Very nice post!

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