EMC is joining the internet ranks

This press release came out today that details the ICSA certification for EMC’s Secure Remote Support Gateway (ESRS). This is great news for a lot of customers. The ESRS Gateway was released only recently and allows customers to configure this secure server on their network. That secure server is then able to coordinate alerting for the EMC equipment on the network and pass those alerts on to EMC. This removes the need for the EMC equipment to dial out via a modem to make the alerting happen. Of course customers have always been nervous about the dial out capabilities and some were even unsure about the ESRS Gateway’s abilities. Now that EMC has gotten some external verification and customer’s have had a chance to deploy this product, more people should be satisfied with it’s abilities.

If you are unfamiliar with EMC’s model, the alerting allows EMC to pre-emptively replace failing parts to reduce the possibility of data unavailability or data loss. Generally EMC is able to catch component (drives, controllers, memory, etc) failures before they occur and get a replacement part on hand to deal with the situation before it happens.


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