2006 email usage survey

Clear context has their annual email usage survey out. They have a few of the initial results posted, including some details about less SPAM! They don’t go into any details yet about why that is (better Anti-SPAM on the email servers, better SPAM detection in the clients, some of the new technologies like SenderID, etc). Another of their interesting finds is a little less shocking…… email everywhere access is a reality :) People do use and like to use things that enable easy access to their email from anywhere.

Update 7/27/06: According to the BBC, those email messages that users are not seeing are still out there. According to this reporter’s reasearch, out of all the email on the internet, over 95% is Junk email.


2 Responses to “2006 email usage survey”

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  2. joshmaher Says:

    hmm, those terms didn’t bring my blog up when I looked….

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