The Office 2007 Ribbon won’t be too difficult

Now this is pretty funny, the other day my wife started a new job at Microsoft and is getting used to all of the features and functionality of being a Microsoft employee. As a good softy, she ensured that she was playing with all the latest stuff and installed Office 2007 on her computer.

So we were at home earlier this week and I was just finishing up some work while she was finishing up some homework, when she asked me a question about ‘save as’ in Excel 2007. Now I have been using Office 2007 for a while now (pre-beta 1), and I honestly had no idea how to answer her…. I encouraged her to look on the ‘file’ menu which was not easy to find, I then encouraged her to search the ‘ribbon’ which was difficult to navigate, in the end she overwrote her existing file (a little frustrated in doing so), and decided that well, now she worked for the evil genious that thought this Ribbon thing was a good idea.

Apparently she and I are not alone, the new Office 2007 Ribbon, although thought through and based on plenty of user research (well at least I would hope so), will probably contain the feature to get rid of it and use the file menu like a normal office app at release time


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