Boeing, Microsoft, and the SEC?

Boeing is still working on beating airbus, they have to keep those pesky legal fees to a minimum so they can keep their net earnings at a reasonable level (hopefully they are still open to hiring the ex-wamu folks)….

Microsoft is of course trying to fill all of it’s new buildings with record hiring. Although I am not sure that hiring 10k people will really transition the behemoth into a high powered Google fighting machine. Having smart people is one thing, being able to innovate and create value for their customers is an entirely different thing….

With the SEC’s new pay rules, Journalists, employees, and investors alike will have better access to the information on the bottom line and the executive level pay in companies. I am really looking forward to seeing the next three highest paid individuals past the CEO & CFO, will it be a C-level manager or a more influential employee without the C- title?

Let’s not forget everyone’s Exchange 2007 content…… You can learn about Powershell the lazy way, or the Vivek Sharma way .

One Response to “Boeing, Microsoft, and the SEC?”

  1. rachael Says:

    i love those windows!

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