SEO with The Long Tail

I’m sure you have read by now about The Long Tail. It is all over the Blogosphere and more. Just about everyone has put up some sort of post about the theory of the long tail and it’s varying degrees of effectiveness. Some people agree the Long Tail works, some people think it does not. I wonder if the folks in Lebanon have heard about The Long Tail.

The basic theory of the Long Tail is on about every news site and blog. Although the intricacies of the affectiveness of the Long Tail for companies like Amazon is not the interest of this post. Those are great questions that are left for another time (not a friday night). A good friday question is, do they mean this by The Long Tail? The real question of this entry is……

How does The Long Tail affect Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

A few key tag’s borrowed from Tecnorati, a few techniques borrowed from “how to optimize your blog“, and let’s see what happens…….


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