Modeling your SAN environment

This new functionality from EMC is kind of cool. They have added a new modeling component called SAN Advisor to their ControlCenter suite of tools. It allows you to model fixes and changes to your SAN environment without impacting production. EMC has been making huge strides in this area after the acquisition of SMARTS and has already offered a large suite of leading products in this space.

I am really excited that these kinds of things are coming out and can’t wait until the day we can do things like this on exchange…….. if I change my AD site topology, Exchange 2007’s new routing behavior will now change to route all mail through that new site…… OR if I apply the hotfix 895949, these applications and users will not be able to work.

Also announced today from EMC; their leading storage training curriculum and certification programs are going to be offered through universities and training organizations. This is pretty cool, the training and certification is already high quality, the fact that the delivery expansion is happening like this is a great sign for people who need to get up to speed or want to start in a storage industry career. This is certainly a mark of change in the industry overall, more and more companies use and have a need for highly qualified storage engineers.


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