Exchange 2007 on iSCSI Storage

Should you deploy Exchange 2007 on iSCSI Storage? That is the big push from Microsoft lately…. Get rid of your unreliable DAS, scrap the expensive SAN, and go with a great iSCSI solution….. In fact, you can use the Microsoft initiator to make it seamless along with the rest of Microsoft’s iSCSI innovations.

The good part is, all of Microsoft’s Exchange 2007 IO reduction claims seem are true and remain true for iSCSI implementations. The hard peice that is not quatified though is managing an iSCSI infrastructure as well as using it effectively in a backup and business continuity story. Let’s also not forget that the Monday morning surge of email (before all of that x64 memory is filled) will have a larger impact on the storage.

Will companies move to iSCSI for their messaging environments? Recent surveys seem to be reporting that iSCSI adoption rates are stagnant if not declining already. Could Microsoft’s big pushes with names like Simple SAN and their push in Exchange 2007 to use iSCSI disks really change this? According to the article at eWeek on the iSCSI adoption rates, customer’s are not moving to iSCSI for management, recovery, and overall satisfaction. They have tried iSCSI and found it didn’t quite meet all of their needs or they found in their initial comparisons that it would not provide a solid long-term solution for them.

I agree that these limitations will make adoption slow for larger companies. Although simply replacing DAS with iSCSI is a great step in the right direction.

An interesting option even though Exchange 2007 is not expected to be supported on NAS, are the new technologies like MPFSi.


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