It’s Thursday!

Yes it’s Thursday and time for another round….

I wouldn’t go running to Bsquare. They are a little down (although their profits are just barely up), and from the looks of it they aren’t really hiring either. I think the quote from the article says it all though, “No major analysts cover Bellevue-based software maker Bsquare (NASDAQ: BSQR).
If your a web guy though, AvenueA might be an option, their are making even more strides to expand their offerings internationally and stay prominent in the google age. Of course you could run over to CrunchBoard to find some options (if your into that whole web 2.0 thing).
The sad part is, Josi Callan already got My Next Job, so I guess I will have to wait my turn again. But if music isn’t your pleasure, and you are one of those people that would want to work for Valve, rumor has it they might be hiring. Of course a better alternative would be to go work for Jones Soda, their profits are a record (which makes them the fourth record year company in the northwest last quarter) and their halflife is much longer then Valves :)


One Response to “It’s Thursday!”

  1. Luke Says:

    I noticed that you dig Jones Soda!! Well, in case you didn’t know, there’s a new way to get your Jones “fix”. Check out the new Jones Soda Carbonated Candy by Big Sky Brands. You can catch us on Myspace. Add us as your friend, and we’ll keep you posted to all the SWEET stuff that goes on in our world.
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    Luke vanVliet
    Big Sky Brands

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