The Exchange 2007 Wiki

Vivek has pointed out a new Exchange 2007 Wiki. This is interesting as the content appears to be fairly robust which could mean there is some oversight by the product team folks or someone is posting all of the Tech Tips available to TAP customers. Either way, the information is good and I encourage you to go take a look and add something if you can. So far the articles that appear there are included in three categories

  • ” Powershell Scripts”
  • “Tips and Tricks”
  • “FAQs”

Inside those categories are some posts that we’ve seen on The Microsoft Exchange Team Blog (like “Speak SMTP Like a Native“) as well as some new content (like the script Vivek wrote or “General Assumptions on Restore-Mailbox Scenarios“).There is not much detail about who is running the site. It is an ( get’s you there as well). If it happens to be you that is running the site, I’d like to hear from you….


4 Responses to “The Exchange 2007 Wiki”

  1. wikimaster Says:

    This is interesting that the Wikimania conference in boston this year is boiling over into more traditional technologies like Exchange Server

  2. KC Lemson Says:

    Vivek wrote most of the monad-related TAP tips himself, so it’s not surprising they’re also showing up on the site =) We’ve been blogging the tips too, bit by bit.

  3. Messaging….. Technology…… Life….. » Exchange Wiki Claimed Says:

    […] KC was also nice enough to share in my comments why the wiki looks oddly like some of the tech tips….Thanks Vivek for making that information available to everyone. […]

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