Google Mobile Maps is Incorrect

I happened to use Google Mobile Maps the other day and found later that it wasn’t exactly honest about how heavy the traffic was or where the traffic was. So I decided to do a comparison around rush hour yesterday.

Here is the local web based traffic cam shot..

Here is the shot of Google Mobile Maps on my Blackberry 7100t from just seconds earlier..

You will notice that there are places that are green on Google Mobile Maps that are yellow or even red on the web based application. For example, notice the the web app shows black on 520 West (the topmost horizontal road), while GMM shows green. Keep in mind these were taken right after refreshes (although I don’t think traffic goes from green to black in a matter of seconds). You will also see at the far right a glimmer of red on GMM for the same road, while the same section on the web app is all green.

The basic conclusion? ………Don’t count on the Traffic Report from Google Mobile Maps. If Google is watching, drop me a line and let me know why it’s so different…


3 Responses to “Google Mobile Maps is Incorrect”

  1. Goo Googler Says:

    It’s a conspiracy

  2. Goo Googler Says:

    I’m joking… I wouldn’t say it’s incorrect. May be not as “current” or “timely”… (considering it does state “Traffic may load slowly on this phone”…)

  3. joshmaher Says:

    hehe, I think it is a conspiracy…. although the traffic is already loaded…. it doesn’t say “traffic information may be incorrect” (that’s not a bad idea though)

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