Windows Live Mail Bug

UPDATE 08/13/2006:: Workaround from MS…

Please, implement the following steps:

1. Go to “Tools”
2. Click on “Options”
3. Click on the “Send” tab.
4. Make sure that the “reply to messages using the format in which they were sent” is unchecked.
Oji’s post says to blog about it, so here is a screen shot of what found to be way too annoying to warrant further use of Live Mail Desktop…. Yes I have submitted the bug eform
Live Mail Bug

This is just a “reply all” of a message, nothing more. The problem is, I can’t reply to my mail!!

Kind of a serious problem for an email program, receiving and sending are kind of a core functionality thing.

Maybe this is because of the new RSS feeds, wait a minute…….. no replying with a comment through the feed reader would be cool. Alright I have no idea why they missed this Show Stopper

Please fix it and release a public update Oji <please>
Build 8.0.0783


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  2. Messaging….. Technology…… Life….. » Windows Live Mail Bugs Says:

    […] I finally got around to installing the version of Windows Live Mail released on the 10th of august and…. […]

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