Improve Exchange Disk Performance

That’s what the article that came across my techtarget RSS feed said anyway, so I thought…. I’m an Exchange Disk Performance kind of guy, I wonder what they have to say about it. I followed the link to find this article about disk alignment. Usually I am a big proponent of disk alignment, I talk about it in almost all of my papers, presentations, and training material. Unfortunately this article did not have all of the details correct. This is a common problem that I address regularly with people. After explaining what alignment is and where it can improve performance, most people understand and are better for having discussed it.

The key point if you are working with disk alignment and Diskpar or Diskpart is to understand that they do different things to align disk partitions.

Diskpar sets the number of hidden sectors, 128 hidden sectors will align the starting offset to 65536 (which is the size you want).


Diskpart sets the size of the starting offset using the “create primary partition align=64” command (64 KB will align this section correctly and produce hidden sector count of 128).

I reccommend using either diskpar or Sysinternal’s DiskExt to verify your alignment. Diskpar -i <> will show you both the starting offset size and the number of hidden sectors. DiskExt will show you the starting offset size for all disks in a quick format.


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