LinkedIn Profiles, Jobs, and automatic updates

<short version> I have to put an entry up about this….. I recently started contributing to Ferris Research. These contributions are not related to my full time employment at EMC Corporation and are only in addition to my regular job duties at EMC.  </short version>

I am still going through Ferris Research’s probationary period (as they only accept the best analysts) and have already learned an amazing amount of things from the staff there. In the end if I make through the probationary period….. I will still work at EMC (the job and company are both great), and I will continue to work with the messaging community at large through Ferris and the many other outlets I enjoy (this blog, user groups, etc).

Now I decided to add Ferris to my Linked In profile as I’d been working with them for a while and felt that I learned some valuable skills from their feedback and commenting on observations. I had a plan to quietly add Ferris to my profile and not really worry about it. To go with this plan I specifically did not click the button that said “Notify your list about this change?” I didn’t really care to SPAM all of my valued connections with information that was irrelevant at the time.

To my unending suprise, everyone did get SPAM’d, ugh…. great half of the people who signed up only did so because I told them I didn’t get LinkedIN SPAM….. and now, I had SPAM’d them. It’s now been four days of emails and phone calls full of congratulations….. I am flatterred that I have this many people who actually care that I had any kind of job change, it is a really good thing to see that many people show care for me, so thank you. It did get me annoyed at LinkedIn and by today, well people not on my contact list are asking me about it so I figured I should set the story straight and find out what happened at LinkedIn.

The entry on my profile was put in about a week or two ago. Apparently they decided to SPAM my connections for me per the new default setting in the “Profile Updates” section that states “Update my connections when I make major changes”….. I don’t recall that setting being an option when I signed on, in fact in the last few months LinkedIn has added a lot of settings that have default settings that are annoying, I encourage you to go to Account & Settings and take a look so that you can be sure to not have LinkedIn SPAM you in the future…… so, mystery solved on my part, my setting is changed so that I can tweak all these little things and not bother any of you. Thank you all for your support…….

Btw, if you work for LinkedIn, why didn’t you just send us all an email or post a message on the site letting us know of the changes?


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