Google talk

The coolest thing about the new version of Google Talk is that I can download it to my Blackberry 7100t, login and start a conversation with any of my friends or family.

Now if I’m having a conversation on my device all of the responses come to my device. If I get home, or decide to switch to my computer, after the first message is sent to my friend via gtalk on my computer the next reply from them comes to my computer….. not my blackberry

Ok that is cool, but if I then switch back to my device and message my friend the response is then redirected to my blackberry GTalk again….the switching can go on all day seemlessly to both me and my friends…….. Give it a try and let me know what you think

That is pretty cool, thanks Google :)

There are more details on the other features at The Google Talk Blog and GoggleTalk… Which new feature is your favorite?

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4 Responses to “Google talk”

  1. alexandrea Says:

    hey christine

  2. Sam Says:

    Happy birthday google

  3. lola Says:

    hi i’m new here

  4. anil Says:


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