Exchange 2007 SMTP & NNTP Requirements

I know it’s a good thing that SMTP and NNTP are no longer required to be installed prior to installing Exchange 2007. In fact it was a huge acheivement for Microsoft to move this far ahead in their integrated application that they no longer have that kind of reliance on the underlying OS. My only complaint is that although it’s in the documentation and it has been talked about all over the place, the install doesn’t just un-install all of the un-necessary and conflicting components for me. I know that I should be smart enough to not turn them on, especially since I’ve been using 2007 since beta 1.

That doesn’t change the fact that I went to install a new test box with beta 2 today and during the course of my windows install I remembered to check all the appropriate Application install boxes (like NNTP, SMTP, etc). Of course there is still time, so if Paul is listening (this would be a neat little enhancement to make life easier after all the bugs are fixed of course)….


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