Windows Live Mail Desktop Beta – Survey

I recently received a ten page survey on my experiences with Windows Live Mail Desktop Beta. Most of the questions were about usability and my overall impression of the features (RSS reader, photo integration, newsreader, etc). Overall I am impressed, the application is fairly responsive, it is easy to use and I can get into it and get through my mail quickly.

There still bugs, so it will be interesting to see how long the web 2.0 beta tag sticks around. My latest complaint is attachments….. yes over the last several days all hotmail Windows Live Mail email has been cleverly stripped of it’s attachments. Now this is fine for security, but my son’s school supply list is now MIA, some pictures I was hoping to see are MIA, ugh…. I know it’s in beta so I can’t complain too much, but it is really annoying that the bugs are very core to email usage (like replying and receiving attachments.

One thing about the survey was funny…. they forgot MS Office’s Outlook in the mail application category

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4 Responses to “Windows Live Mail Desktop Beta – Survey”

  1. Gonzalo Says:


  2. Jose Enrique Lopez Says:

    all ready use the BETA system in one of my Email Account – is exelent system

    How i instal the Beta system in my other msn email acount

  3. pier Says:

    is possible to try it?

  4. joshmaher Says:

    Hey Pier, they should send you a copy at some point :)

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