WTF is up with all the Summer Vacations!!

Everyone seems to be taking their summer vacations in August this year. All the bloggers are ditching their blogs. Several of the folks at EMC have been out, the Exchange/DMX perf guy on my team just got back (after three weeks!! those europeans know how to do it). All the MS PMs are in and out….. Then again, the DMX is about the best platform for enterprise Exchange installations, E2k7 beta 2 is pretty solid, and the weather is nice this time of year……….

So I too am going to take the end of summer to go on vacation. The family and I are going to go up and cruise around the inside of Vancouver Island In British Columbia this year. A nice break from all the computers, email, and disks :) We are driving up Port McNiel over two days (with a stop in Nanaimo), then will board my father in-law’s 42′ trawler. From there….. it’s a nice relatively disconnected lifestyle of cruising, fishing, swimming, kayaking, and pretty much relaxing. The boys and I have some big plans to learn more about the boat’s operations. My wife has a book she has been trying to finish reading since her new job at MS. Personally I have some ideas about RSS’s use as an infrastructure tool that I want to finish thinking about.

So no sponsors for internet access, sorry I’m too selfish :)

No off the grid posts

No sudden surge of family photos

Just a pure vacation with the family……. expect me to return with some posts and interesting items the 7th of September. I will have intermittent BB access until I get on the boat so feel free to give me a call or send me an email if you need anything
Have a great end of August and first day of school if you are one of those parent types……


One Response to “WTF is up with all the Summer Vacations!!”

  1. Rick Says:

    Have a great time!

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