Windows Live Mail Desktop Beta – Invitations

Alright, I’ve been ranting and raving about the Windows Live Mail Desktop application….. but I’ve been faithful to a beta release and gave all the feedback I could and am now quite happy with the product (no I’m not sucking up to get hired)…..

I do have invites though, if you haven’t tried it yet post a comment or send me an email and I’ll make sure to pass along an invite to you until they run out…..

UPDATE: The invitations are almost gone… better get them while they last….

23 Responses to “Windows Live Mail Desktop Beta – Invitations”

  1. dorai Says:

    I would like to try it. What info do you need?

  2. Oscar Says:

    quiero windows live mail

  3. Ravindra Kashyap Says:

    hi maher,

    Please do send me an invitation to my hotmail i.e.
    Will be anxiously waiting for your invitation.

    Thanx in advance.

    Ravindra Kashyap

  4. Pablo Says:

    quiero la version beta dewindows live mail

  5. Nico Says:

    I want it !!! Thanks

  6. Emilio Says:

    I’d like to try the Windows Live Mail Desktop.
    Can I get an invitation please?


  7. Ancyru Says:

    If it’s still possible could you pass an invite my way?

    Cheers mate.

  8. Isaac Says:

    I want it, quiero una invitacion de windows live mail:D

  9. Isaac Says:, send:D

  10. Shabiyulla Says:

    Hey there….!!! Can I please get an invite for Windows Live Mail?

  11. sainis Says:

    Can you please send me an invitation too? thanks!

  12. dave thomas Says:

    i could do with this programme to manage the variuos email accounts, i have i find it very frustrating have to link online all the time signing in and to various accounts for different tasks, please send me an invite

    dave thomas

  13. Mathieu Fortier Says:

    I would like to have it

  14. Leanne Chua Says:

    Can you send me an invitation…please? Thank you very much!!

  15. Robin Says:

    I’de like to try Windows Live Mail ! Can I get an invitation ?

  16. Damaso Says:

    Hey can i have one of those? looks great myu wife allready have it but now i am jealousy about it.

    Thank you & best regards from México

  17. Dave Z. Says:

    Hi !!! I’ve been looking for something new in e-mail, if possible ,we would much appreciate an invite to this new live mail, THANKS !!! dave

  18. luis miguel callejas Says:

    Hey man plz send me an invite ive been lookin for one all over!! plz. ..

  19. Steven Says:

    heyy plz cn u invite me to the new live mail? thanksss!

  20. Kashif Says:

    Pls. send me an invitation for Beta version.


  21. Erin Says:

    I would like an invite, thanks.

  22. joshmaher Says:

    They ran out… I have been getting through these last comments/emails and have now ran out of invites. It looks like the last few since Friday are unable to get an invite (sorry).

    Does anyone else have any invites to share with these folks?

  23. matt lang Says:

    hey there could u please send me an invitation for windows live

    Thanks Mate

    p.s. My Email Is (GMAIL SUCKS) LMAO

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