Microsoft to the Max!!

Max is kind of neat…. but I’m not sure I like it yet. Niall pointed everyone over to it but doesn’t have much of a review… neither does Robert ScobleMike Arrington and Ryan Stewart do have some interesting details, here are a few interesting points that I have from playing with it today….

The interface is very nice looking, the download is a little long but the look and feel is worth the Windows Presentation Foundation!!

The picture sharing is a little strange though since it is a desktop application, according to the Max Blog… once you share a list of pictures an email is sent to your choice of recipients and they receive an email directing them to download their own copy of Mad MS Max and then they are able to discover the shared list, then choose to download them from your computer. This means that you have to convince your friends to go and download the software (they hate that… it’s like SPAM!!)

As for the News reader function…. well that is lacking a little as well…. If you happen to get the RSS feed to work

um… The Scripting News feed DOES NOT WORK

Then when you get a feed to work (both wordpress and typepad seemed to load ok…..

But they were way out of order…… I thought part of the point of blogs were the timeline order of posts which was then properly reflected in feeds so that the updated relevant information was displayed. Granted it is nice to be able to promote older posts, but to properly maintain the feed order and enable RSS technology to provide true innovation…. This is just not a good feature.

So, I don’t like it (although I really like the peer-to-peer sharing of picture idea behind it)…… I’ll try it again later…. (well maybe if it is improved… web interface…. order properly.. etc, etc)

Go Download Max for yourself and let me know what you think, I’d really like to be proven wrong…

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