How To: Exchange Management Shell – entrants

Well I’m not sure about entries but the Exchange team had a great post…………. their one-liner was better then what I was doing

“1..<nn> | foreach {new-StorageGroup SG_$_ -server <server> | new-MailboxDatabase MBDB}”

Yet….there isn’t much from non-MS employees…… It is a little overbearing and certainly a new thing to learn in addition to the rest of the new infrastructure. Lee and Vivek……how about an EMS pocket guide?

Jeff still dedicated a signed copy of Bruce’s upcoming book…. if we get any non-MS entries it may be yours (I have almost finished the first chapter and have found it an easy, useful read so far).

Perhaps Rui will put together a special reading section of the best finds as well…


7 Responses to “How To: Exchange Management Shell – entrants”

  1. Lee Says:

    In fact, the PowerShell Pocket Guide applies just as well to Exchange Management Shell — as EMS is PowerShell + Exchange specific cmdlets.

    For the Exchange specific information, I’m also writing a PowerShell Definitive Guide that will have a chapter dedicated to EMC.


  2. Vivek Says:

    Can I enter the contest too? :)

    As for the cheat sheet, type quickref in the shell to see an early version of it. Don’t worry, we’re making it readable and in general more newbie friendly by RTM.

    As for non-MS people posting stuff—actually I’m a bit happy with the turnout so far. In general Exchange community is a little closeted and if you compare the number of powershell + Exchange related blogs (on the other of 10-15, some more active than others), its by far one of the most actively blogged topics in Exchange 2007… But I agree, we need more real life people (non-Ms employees) out there and blogging. If there’s something we can do to make that happen, I’d love to hear it.

    Keep up the great work!

  3. joshmaher Says:

    I’m looking forward to both Lee, I have read the first couple of chapters in Bruce Payette’s book and I think your additions will be good coverage. Any details on when they are coming out etc?

    Vivek, I have been living by the Exchange reference since beta 1, thank you! If we get a lot of entrants (more have been coming in since your mention, thank you again), you could chime in to judge on the most creative?

  4. Lee Says:

    The Pocket Guide will be coming out very soon — within the next few weeks, I’d imagine. Bruce’s book comes out in November or January (depending on if you believe the Amazon date or the Manning date :) ) and then my Definitive Guide comes out early in the new year.

  5. Scott Howard Says:

    Its great to have your submission as part of the Group Writing Project, you can check out my “How to” at

  6. Bharat Suneja Says:

    Thanks for mentioning my blog – btw, my name’s spelt Bharat :)

  7. joshmaher Says:

    Bharat, I appologize for the incorrect spelling. I’m going in to correct it now.

    Btw, keep up the great blog, your consistent information on interesting exchange topics are enjoyable.

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