EMC’s Security Division

Well it looks like the PR folks finally figured out everyone wanted to know about the acquisition (including us employees)…

EMC has a site with some details and interviews with Art Coviello and Dennis Hoffman…. the RSA blog and podcast is the place to go though, they have an interesting conversation and reveal some insight into the company…. like Dennis mentioning RSA was a good fit because they were in Mass already….

Oh yeah what happens in Mass stays in mass, so go to The Globe for more information, that’s where the interviews are.

Looks like an interesting integration process if it ever happens…everytime people think Tucci is slowing down, he picks up another intriguing company…but despite all the talk, being an information management company is a good way to deal with cheap storage costs…offer any customer cheaper storage and better ways to manage all aspects of the information on that storage (maybe I drank the cool aid but…it sounds like a reasonable approach to me).
yes the Network Intelligence deal happened too, which is the third appliance we’ve bought if I am counting correctly :)


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