Blackberry vs. Windows Mobile

Or…. is there something else that is more intriguing?

A lot of people have been talking about how mobile messaging is going to turn out lately. There seem to be a lot of opinions and rumor generation about RIM running windows, RIM scared of LEMONADE, Windows running Blackberry (alright I just started that rumor, sorry). The question is should you know more about the open standards based synchronization protocols – SyncML and LEMONADE?

You certainly should, SyncML is gaining a lot of support to synchronise PIM information to a very large array of devices, LEMONADE on the other side has a very enterprise ready architecture that is also gaining a lot of traction. The folks working on these things are looking at this standards based aproach in the similar light that the creators of SMTP and IMAP looked at standard email protocols (any system can talk to another).

I am interested to see where these will fit in, so have put together some of the industry players to talk about it.

Only quality for you though… Steve Kille CEO at Isode, Fabrizio Capobianco CEO at Funambol, Carsten Brinkschulte CEO at Synchronica, and Jeff Allison Product Manager for the Sun Java Communications Suite at Sun will all be there to discuss how these technologies work and how they are growing.

The Ferris Research Webinar is titled LEMONADE and SyncML: Key Standards for Mobile Messaging and is of course free to access. I hope to see you there!!

btw, filling out the registration is NOT bad, using the Ferris link above means you can avoid getting on ANY mailing list. I hate those webinars where they do that to you…. so this is not one of them :)


2 Responses to “Blackberry vs. Windows Mobile”

  1. Stuart Friedman Says:

    I used to have a Windows Pocket PC connected to Exchange Server and loved it. What forced me to Blackberry was the plans that included unlimited international useage of the device. Using the competitors abroad you could rack up massive roaming bills. If Cingular, T-Mobile, or another GSM based data provider could match this program, Windows would be killer.

  2. joshmaher Says:

    That is interesting Stuart, do you think if the carriers embraced these other technologies they would have an advantage over windows mobile or RIM?

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