Deploying Exchange 2003 on a CX-3?

If you are considerring the task of deploying Exchange on a CX-3, I highly recomend you check out EMC’s new ESRP submissions….

I just heard the smart guys over in Hopkinton submitted three more Solutions to ESRP based on the CX-3 platform. This is actually pretty cool (even though I like the DMX), because they have it setup in a choose your size model, 4000 users? pick a CX-20, double the users? pick a CX-40 or two CX-20s, double again? well just pick up a CX-80 or two CX-40s, or four CX-20s!!! This is super easy!! I really like this approach. (btw, short plug the DMX is done like this too, we generally start at 16k users and go up though…..hmm right where the CX platform stops….)

Btw, I have it on good word that the Exchange 2007 layouts across platforms are just as good, if not better, to pick from and implement!!

UPDATE!! <Note to self> “When boasting about a group of people, make sure the entire group responsible is included” <End Note>

The Cork team made some very large efforts to ramp up and get these things done as well. I have heard about the facilities they put together and some of the designs they have come up with. The Cork guys rock just as much as the Hopkinton guys (which by the way are the two datacenters that make up our solutions group, so they are all one team)…..


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