Cost of Storage…….

To continue my last evaluation of Dave Merril’s posts (btw, these are great posts Dave, I enjoy the conversation).

Categories 9 & 10 belong with category 8 as they are all administrative costs or the cost of managing computer systems with warm bodies. The value of those warm bodies can vary…. A LOT…..I don’t mean you graduated with a 4.0 from MIT in comp sci so you are worth twice as much as the next person……I mean a company has decided to implement Linux (or a complex storage system) and you are capable of molding that implementation into the most efficient system possible for that company, so you ARE worth twice as much as the next person. This is a very real scenario and it drastically changes the use and operating model a company chooses to use. If a company needs the flexibility or customizabiliy of the robust system, then they will pay for it. On the other hand, of a company needs an easy to use reliable system, then they will pay that price point.

In the end, these costs are more closely related to the type of technical need a company is trying to fill and not the basic cost of the people required to run the technology.

Category 11 touches on 5, 6, & 7’s point, but Dave points that out already :)
Category 12 is great!


3 Responses to “Cost of Storage…….”

  1. david merrill Says:

    Glad you like the dialog, working our way to all 32. please feel free to make comments on my blog site directly.


  2. joshmaher Says:

    Hey Dave, I do like the dialog!!

    It is important for people in the storage industry to really think through these things and discuss them. Unfortunately not enough people understand what items will affect their overall costs and they really end up getting in a pickle at the end of the day…which means they blame the storage industry :(

    I’ll try to do that for the next one… I was seeing some similarities between the groupings so it was hard to correlate them in a single comment (hence posting here), that and you were too fast to start so it took me a while to catch up.

  3. Cost of Storage…continued « Messaging….. Technology…… Life….. Says:

    […] Looks like I skipped 13 and 14 since my last post, and now there are 15-17 up on Dave’s site. Sorry I know I was going to try and comment Dave, but there are so many things to discuss…. […]

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