Exchange on iSCSI

It’s official! StorageZilla and I can talk more about it now :)

EMC really beefed up their iSCSI offerings for the CX & DMX platforms, the new cool DMX 3 -950 can fit under my desk (yes it is on my christmas list) and the CX series will be a hot item on christmas lists as well. Of course for the non-exchange types, maybe a shiny new Celerra is on the list.

This is a good step for EMC to take, they are finally accepting a lot of companies like iSCSI and a lot of software vendors (like MS) are pushing it onto their customers. Since we have best of breed in everything else, I am really happy to see us taking this leap into the iSCSI world. We have of course always had the AX series clariion that supported iSCSI, but now we can easily extend the integration of our platforms with a lot more companies and products.

There are of course reviews and other people picking up the story, Sharon Fisher downplays the potential uptake of the product, but Joseph Kavar provides a lot of details in a concise article. EMC’s site has a lot of LAME flash in front of the details so I have linked past them for you (The DMX, the Clariion, the Celerra, and the new Virtual Tape Library)


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