IE7 with eRoom

A lot of people have been asking me about this and of course I have not had time to look into it (don’t you hate it when your day job gets in the way of stuff). The good news is a co-worker of mine passed this great tidbit along. I have copied and pasted a section of the e-mail for everyone’s benefit (I’ll let the author comment further if he chooses)

For those of you who had previously installed IE7, as a result of missing the warning, or downloading it because you *needed* to have the latest version for some reason, or if you are running Vista where only IE7 is available (apart from installing other browsers) …. There are some workarounds to most of the common issues.

Most of the incompatibility stems from the fact that there is a new User Agent string reported by IE7. Solutions such as eRoom reject this new string reported by IE7, and result in the warning that your browser is not supported. This isn’t that uncommon. It is such a user experience problem that Microsoft have provided a tool to work around the issue. The following URL will direct you to their fix

The Microsoft download should install a Start Menu item that will launch a browser with the IE6 User Agent string. This should work for most of those environments that just test for the agent string and fail if they don’t detect a “supported” browser. It’s been my experience that eRoom works just fine with IE7 when you fix the string … I have been running the various IE7 betas with no issue.

For those, like myself, that want to have a more permanent fix for the problem, there is a registry update that will make the modification to the User Agent string more permanent, and will mean that you don’t have to remember to launch the Start menu item. It’s available from This file, when you execute it, will permanently alter the IE7 string. To revert, you can use I would strongly suggest that if you download it, you edit the file to see what it is changing, and that you feel comfortable with the changes it will make.

I haven’t really found any application/web site that doesn’t work for me .. at least none that I have come into contact with


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