mobile Synchronization

The guys over at Funambol have really found a great way to develop code…pay everyone else to do it…. They put this together a little while ago with their code sniper program, basically the premise is… you want a specific type of client or connector… write it!! and get paid for doing it.

I thought this was a great way to make the open source community a little more profitable for everyone. It has that small added benefit of getting better code, supporting the things the people want, and doesn’t affect the direction of the core business….hmm pretty bright idea….so now they took the same thing and applied it to mobiles…. yes that’s right, the proprietary mobile OS giants like RIM and Microsoft ensure that only certain phones support their devices….that is a large contrast to folks like Funambol, they want to support EVERY device (yes, that includes all the Blackberry and Windows Mobile versions available). They were left again with this predicament of ensuring every modern phone on the planet worked with their software….so if you have a phone and want it to work, it only takes a little time on your part and you get $25 as a bonus!!

I really like these programs Fabrizio (and Jason and Hal). This is a great way to extend support and let you focus on the core products. I am of course really excited to see how many people start putting your software on Windows Mobile devices so they can sync


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