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I still think it’s wierd that people come to my blog by searching on my name….This blog is really just for those that care….not written for the masses…not written for those that are only interested in hitting an article and passing along to some other blog.  I am really only writing this thing for those people who care….you know who you are, we talk over e-mail, over comments on each others blogs, at conferences, and in corporate meetings….everyone else who is reading this, please be let me know who you are and what you are getting out of this blog.  The Exchange Connections post got so much feedback, I was in awe that this many people were reading the blog and cared about the content. Feel free to post a comment and ask more, I promise my posts are the tip of the ice berg to a conversation waiting to happen.


4 Responses to “Google Search”

  1. niamh Says:

    hey Josh, I attended the EMC bootcamp last week…….didn’t get to talk to you in person there but was impressed with your talk and the entire bootcamp.So,I figured might get some good info on your site which I actually came across accidentally googling something on E2K7!

  2. joshmaher Says:

    You missed the content by about two hours….I’ll post an explanation

  3. niamh Says:

    great timing on my part ….NOT ! well, as long as there’s messaging blogs I’ll be back

  4. joshmaher Says:

    I have been told messaging is fair game, mobility is fair game, general tech is fair game, high level innovation and usability is fair game, so there can be interesting content…. :)

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