I want to be like….

If I were a Windows Live PM the word “Google” would finish the sentence….

I have often thought it ridiculous the way that the windows live folks endlessly chase every feature that Google can come up with. You would think that they would stop chasing and start innovating….but no, not in this battle, I have seen interviews were Mr Gates cringed at the thought of Google beating him to the web 2.0, there is clearly no end in his mind to the games (yes games, I’ll build any feature you build Sergey, only I will do it worse)…

I know that everyone hasn’t picked up on it yet so I’ll briefly recap:



LiveMail/Gmail (btw gmail had livemail’s current feature set first)

Live Toolbar/Google Toolbar

Live Academic search/Google academic search

Office Live/Google Office

And now….

Microsoft has beaten Google to the punch with Windows Live SMS Search….or is this another poor copycat feature? Well they certainly got it down to the nitty gritty details, even at launch there is no T-Mobile Support (um, Ozzie, you are next to T-Mobile too, you can drive over and talk it out).

For a company like Microsoft where innovation and creativity are such drivers for internal PMs, I would really expect a little more thought being put into these things. At some point Google will get smart enough and build some hype around a doomed feature with the sole purpose of getting Bill to spend too much money on it (then again, I think some of these features are already down that path). Why not ship Vista on time, or create a truly mobile computing platform (webOS), or go save the world (well ok, Bill is already working on that one). The point is though that I am less then impressed with Microsoft’s lack of creativity and ignorance of the whole picture. There are a lot of clever people who are not Google out there (bluedot, zillow, ImageKind) that have neat features that are working to change the way we interact with each other and the web. It’s kind of a shame that Microsoft can’t see the picture and get back in the game (not so say they won’t…they still have lots of money and huge profit centers to rely on).


3 Responses to “I want to be like….”

  1. Kelly Smith Says:

    We’re certainly no Microsoft but I’m glad we’re viewed as being clever. Thanks for the thought. Regards – Kelly

  2. Is Microsoft Driving Innovation « Messaging….. Technology…… Life….. Says:

    […] It looks like everyone is talking about the topic I started discussing last week. […]

  3. mibZoomDino Says:

    hm.. just wanna say thank you

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