uh oh, links?

Yeah I hate those stupid link blog entries. What do I care about what someone else is reading? They never provide any value to the link they post…just a series of meaningless links…

But it is kind of a change for F5 to be in the email business, then again with all of the competition they have had and their inferior innovation pipeline…it makes sense :)

Of course if they were listening to Scott maybe they would have figured out how to innovate better in a corporate culture (since they are no longer the lean mean startup machine)….

Then again who cares about this email stuff, unless it gets onto your phone and you try to give the networks and every other player in the industry a run for their money?

I know I don’t…especially since it’s already free :) 

Even if I don’t care about the email or the IMs….some federal types seem to….which is kind of scary. I know several products on the market that DON’T support archiving these!!


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