Nintendo Wii

Anyone know where I can get a Wii in the Seattle area? I have been super lame and not been keeping up with how fast these were going tp sell out!!! Then of course Andru got Nintendo to bring a Wii to MindCamp 3.0 where I got to play it for a while and see that my kids can play games without sitting on the couch for hours….and my wife might play some of the games with us….so now I am all stoked to replace the GameCube with a Wii this Christmas, but no one seems to have one available (and no I’m not paying more then $250, the kids will get a snow globe to share before that happens)

On a side note, does this really increase sales? I understand building the desirability up and how availability plays into it, but does the amount of people who decide they want one because they are hard to get offset the amount of people who don’t buy one because they are hard to get? Of course I looked around for a bit and couldn’t find any studies on the topic….anyone out there do any studies on this?? I am curious because it pisses me off that I can’t get one right now :)

Update 12/13/2006:

The kids are not getting a Wii this christmas….I may be getting old, but this is a pain in the butt to get one and I have more important things to do……maybe we’ll get one when they are available.


7 Responses to “Nintendo Wii”

  1. Storagezilla Says:

    Ninty launched with a few hundred thousand more units than Sony did with the PS3, but the issue is that it’s Christmas and it’s just too popular. Unlike Sony or MS Nintendo turn a profit on the hardware, artificial shortages aren’t in their best interests. I forgot that Amazon’s Euro pre-order scheme started at 9:00am on the 21st, by 11:30am they had sold out their allocation. First time since the N64 I won’t have a launch unit. Doh!

    Try and find out from your local retailers when their next shipment is. If I recall Toy’s R Us are getting the largest percentage of units per store somewhere in the 200 unit range. Then it’s Best Buy, Circuit City, (less than 100) Wal-Mart and Target. (Less than 50)

  2. joshmaher Says:

    Thanks Storagezilla, I’ll have to see if I can find out when the shipments are arriving…

  3. Storagezilla Says:

    Unknown. Ha!
    Hit the net, some of the Wii threads say TRU get restocked on Monday’s and Thursdays which means the stock lands on shelves Tuesdays and Fridays (Again this is off the net so your mileage may vary) People are also saying that Best Buy are getting restocked daily. What with today/yesterday being Black Friday in the US they’ll probably restock early next week having been stockpiling units for expensive bundles just for today.

    From a hardware point of view it’s just a souped up GameCube so they should be able to manufacture tons of them, keep looking and you’ll probably land one.

  4. Coveycom Says:

    I hope I’m not stating the obvious but have you tried:

    I’ve still got 12 days to wait until UK launch… Happy Hunting

  5. joshmaher Says:

    That is helpful, thanks Coveycom!!

  6. joenguyen Says:

    Hey Josh! Not sure if you’ve found one yet but I think Best Buy is hording a bunch for this Sunday. I got one about two weeks ago standing in line for an hour before a Target opened. Great stuff but make sure your kids use that wrist strap…

  7. joshmaher Says:

    Awesome Joe, thanks!! I’ll have to check out Best Buy this Sunday. I think it will still be a late gift though….the kids are already starting in with the how many presents are we getting…..we need more room under the tree….and all that greedy christmas stuff….I need to get that over with before they get cool gifts again (last year it was a computer for their room, and the year before was new bikes, so I guess it’s my fault anyway)

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