Cost of Storage – three more

Alright David, I commented directly for 19 & 20 as well as for 21 & 22 (btw, compliance is not a cost of storage – it is a requirement the business has that the storage must meet – if it’s counted as a cost, then all other business requirements should be considered a cost).

I am having a hard time figuring out what #23 means though…Are you saying that bad storage architecture costs more money or that inflexible storage technologies will eventually cost more money? Either way I agree that storage architecture is an important thing and it should be done appropriately. The potential architecture of the technology purchased should contribute to the decision to buy storage (for example, why someone buys IBM storage vs. HDS storage). But the implemented architecture should not change the cost of the environment (if it does maybe the wrong vendors were evaluated or the wrong architecture was implemented).

 Luckily #24 & 25 are spot on….


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