Exchange 2007

The winter Solstice brings a few interesting Exchange Items (of course everyone at MS is on their way out the door, as am I as soon as I finish this chapter)…. 

Before I finish though, I found some material that looks oddly like an expected blog post….If you are interested in Exchange and Storage check out this new section to the online Chm….

Of course the Scriptacular pack from Vivek was “scooped” by Evan before Nino could get his hands on it (again due to the holiday), The Exchange team will have to hire a full time blogger to keep up….

Then Joel finds the visio stencil posting for Exchange 2007 so we can all get our graphics updated in the new year…

Even Storagezilla is getting interested in Exchange!

Of course, don’t forget about the upcoming Exchange Webcasts (thanks Eileen)…


One Response to “Exchange 2007”

  1. Storagezilla Says:

    Interested is a bit strong of a word, I mean if I went down in an aeroplane over the Andes and my choice was between eating Exchange or Domino I’d probably eat Domino first, but I ain’t inviting Exchange up to the house for to watch any Christmas movies if you get my drift.

    (Few people do)

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