Partnering with Microsoft

A lot of companies partner with Microsoft, and some companies  (like HP) are really good at talking about their partnership. There are of course lots of other companies that do this kind of partnering, and usually the engineers on site are very smart and friendly individuals (in fact there were a few with me on my user group panel earlier this week).

Now I’m not talking about Live gadget building, or Zune Tune Docks….I am talking about enterprise partners. That extend solutions for Exchange Server, SQL Server, Windows Clustering, etc. The best of these partners have insights into what other companies are doing (for example how Sun does clustering or how Oracle implements high availability) and is able to apply those insights to real solutions for Microsoft. These companies should also look at Microsoft and the other technologies that are being created on the internet to feed their own innovations. Making this two way conversation come to life in the best of breed is a difficult task to do and one that is hard to articulate.

I came across this partner who has plans in 2007 to talk a little more about what they are doing…..If they are honest, and talk just as loud, I am sure people will understand why they are the best of breed…


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