VMTN -> V12n

This blogger I know about, has been in the process of finding his voice. Internally he has been noticed for it and while I was at his blog today, I noticed a huge change! No more corporate picture…a matured blogging voice, and a level of confidence that Storagezilla says is like the EMC he used to know….

But this post is about VMWare and the importance of the community voice in certain matters. There are a lot of opinions about where VMWare should go from here and what infrastructure & software vendors can do to extend the technologies. I agree with the opinion here that there needs to be some work; however, I think VMWare can play a role in this transition. Providing more infrastructure class tools (like the lab manager project) that will enable easier management of virtual environments in high end data centers has just as much validity as the high end data center computer manufacturers empowering OS Virtualization technologies on their equipment.

John, Are you tracking conversations like this?
Btw, One other thing Jeremiah brough up in his interview, was how great VMWare’s VMTN network was, putting it in the same class of Channel 9, because of the wonderful community already existed and VMWare was smart enough to involve themselves enough to connect the community. That’s quite a complement!! You guys should be proud….


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  1. John Troyer Says:

    We try to communicate to all levels — to the developer using Workstation, the first-time VMware Server user, the person buying their first SAN to use with VMware Infrastructure, and the full virtual enterprise deployments that Scott was speaking to. We do a lot of listening and a lot of educating. Going to a VMware class on disaster recovery, and you’ll get material on the full IT stack — storage (architecture, backup agents, SAN replication), networking, guest OS agents, clustering, failover, hot sites, etc. We do a lot of education, because if you mis-configure your infrastructure, you blame virtualization for the bad performance. The same systems, tuned and sized correctly, will work like a dream. The VMTN Forums are crucial as well in commmunicating those best practices.

    I think a fruitful cycle is taking what the early adopters are doing, standardizing it and creating best practices around it, and then taking it back to the marketplace. Lab Manager might be a good example of that.

    Regarding community — it’s all about the people and their enthusiasm — we just try to run and keep up. I will say, however, that giving out points for participation never hurts.

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