Exchange 2007 Storage

If you are interested in Exchange 2007 and storage there are a few things that have recently snuck out that you should be aware of…..

First the MSIT Deployment Whitepaper. This details what Microsoft has done with Exchange 2007 in their own environment. Most people have probably seen the webcast or read the WP, if not check it out….The WP is the latest and greatest, it’s interesting to see what MS has done to live within MS software only. The clusters are loaded with less users then most people would expect, the mobile architecture is……interesting, the owa load balancing is interesting as well.

Second the Exchange Online Documentation contains some interesting details regarding storage and layouts. There are some interesting things that Microsoft found and right now it’s the best information you can get besides deploying your own Exchange environment, at least until…..

Third the updated Exchange Server 2007 testing tools are pending release, once the links work you can finally validate your own environments with real tools instead of fake it with Loadsim 2003 or deploy blindly to production!


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