EMC and NetApp agree?

Well at least that the future of iSCSI looks good….so pick your chip stocks carefully :)

Dave Hitz doesn’t agree with Chuck‘s rendition of iSCSI’s past success, but that is simply due to their own definition of success. Dave led his small company through some significant success and now they are more then a small company in part because of iSCSI’s success.

Chuck Hollis of course comes from a much bigger background and sees a lot of downsides to iSCSI’s past in comparison to the fiber channel success that continues to penetrate datacenters.

However both have a great vision for the future of iSCSI! This is a good thing, it matches with Microsoft’s view of the world and seems to jive with what customers want. It may be time that we see iSCSI used in most datacenters…

update 1/12/2007: Tony Asaro chimes in and despite stating he doesn’t agree with “The year of” statements, he claims agreeance with Dave (who also agrees with Chuck) regarding the future of iSCSI… 

 Of course that is on the heals of the Silverback acquisition…

update: Now Steve Duplessie is jumping into the conversation (btw, it’s more of a conversation then a debate – especially considering Chuck & Dave agree iSCSI has a big future). Steve adds an interesting historical perspective in case you haven’t been in the industry for years…


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