Exchange 2007: Overviews

On the eve of 24 hours of Exchange webcasts, the first Exchange Release event media is becoming available!

This stuff is great to review if you aren’t planning to attend one of these events.

Of course if you want some non-MS driven information you could check out Quest’s Exchange 2007 webcast series…

This is also great if you are new to these things and want an intro before getting down and dirty with the 24 webcasts, the ExchangeExchange Forums, an upcoming deployment, or Bharat’s blog entries….


2 Responses to “Exchange 2007: Overviews”

  1. Robert Banghart Says:

    Hi Josh:

    I found your blog via your comment over at the TechNet Webcasts Weblog (

    I really like what I have seen here so far and have subscribed.

    Keep up the great posts.

  2. joshmaher Says:

    That’s great Robert! I am glad that you like the blog….

    As always comments, thoughts, etc are always welcome!!

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