Curing Informationitis

It really did start out as a joke, Informationitis…. but the term is quite fitting to the problem at hand. As I think about it more, there is more to say about it. If you stop and think about the information problem, you’ll realize that there really area lot of Technology departments that don’t know what to do with information. You know what I’m talking about, IT departments that are filled with kernel programmers, Layer 2 protocol developers, and ham radio operators…..Lacking in a lot of these departments are the actual IT workers (yes devs are needed, admins are needed, helpdesk is needed, but that can all be outsourced)….people who understand how the technology solves the business problems and can make the technology solve those problems is hard to come by.

A lot of technology departments are starting to realize there is this job they have called managing information with technology…..To do this, all the old and new standards a being implemented (ITIL, MOF, CobiT, etc)….hmm, kind of odd – maybe these technologists should have pursued information management a little more heavily from the start…

Now wait a minute, a lot of you aren’t even this far up the chain yet!! ok, fine! Chuck, of course. has some advice for you on how to influence a change in your organization. Perhaps you should take a look and evaluate where technology can really provide value to the business overall? There is usually a broad range of places to start and Chuck of course outlines the primary places that most people are having trouble with. Before you get to the standards approach, think about the organization, the business, and the value of using and re-using your existing data to drive value throughout the business….then begin a thought out approach to showing that value to your peers.

Of course if you’d prefer to wait, there are groups of people researching and discussing the intricacies of handling information and may be able to generate better tools to help the consumption….this research and the outcomes still won’t solve the management of all your data, although it may help hide the underlying problem.

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