Exchange 2007: More How To!!

After my last Exchange 2007: How To post highlighting Bharat‘s phenomenal blog posts

A lot more people have been stepping up to supplement the Exchange Team’s wealth of information. This is great stuff.

For example, I came across Vik‘s post today that detailed how Co-existenance with Exchange 2007 & Exchange 2003 works to support mobile messaging. He has put together an easy guide to follow if you are interested in some of the new mobile messaging features without performing a complete migration.   Thanks Vik!!

If your not into Windows Mobile sync though, Fabrizio found a great How to synchronize your smartphone with funambol article that is worth the read. Especially for those companies trying to support a myriad of mobile devices!! Thanks Fabrizio

Patrick has a great post titled HOWTO: Get Email Messages from Exchange to SharePoint, the information here is great, especially if you are looking to move to sharepoint before you get the budget to upgrade to Exchange 2007.   Thanks Patrick!!

The Powershell team has a How To “shift” arrays post up too.. Thanks!!

For the IT Manager types, Sebastian has an e-book that you can request, it covers things like How to evaluate MS’s 2007 suite of products (including Exchange, Office, Vista, etc).   Thanks Sebastian, btw, can I get a copy?

Another great how to, well it’s more of a product offering that was recently announed….How To secure your DMX – 3!! That was much quicker then I expected, This is great progress that anyone with a DMX in house should start looking at.

My favorite How to that I found is Joe’s Learning multiple languages at a time post….no not programming languages….This is great for anyone with a new international position who is trying to learn both Chinese and Indian.    Thanks Joe!!


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