Exchange 2007: Service Pack 1!

Now I have to admit, I have not seen a lot of information about Exchange Server 2007, Service Pack 1. I have been attempting to gain some insights though into what might be included….

  • Will they fix the failover scenarios between sites for CCR?
  • Will POP/IMAP have a management interface?
  • Will Longhorn really be supported?

Well there hasn’t been a lot of information coming out and this is mostly because it is so early. Partners should be getting a technical preview before beta 1…but that hasn’t even happened yet! So what’s the point of the post then?

Well, Danilo Bordini was kind enough to provide some EARLY insight….

Danilo put up part 1 and part 2, these are not in English so to make it easier here they are for the english speaking folks (thanks to Google) Part 1 and Part 2….



One Response to “Exchange 2007: Service Pack 1!”

  1. Ben Hoffman - ExchangeIS - Exchange 2007 Says:

    Great news, have tried in my test lab and the new OWA and UM features are very interesting!

    Ben Hoffman

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