What happened to Daylight Savings Time?

If you run a Microsoft application I’m sure you’ve received one of the countless emails barely explaining the relevance of the Daylight Savings Time change. Or you may have gone to the lame website they put together

If you run Exchange you should be especially aware (maybe attend the webcast) due to some issues with users calendars, and mounting Exchange 2003 stores after applying the patch…

For everyone else though, go check out the Canadian IT Pro blog, Rick pulled in a guest blogger Pierre Roman to give a much more consumable version of what is relevant to you.

On a side note: The canadian IT Pro blog is always a good one to keep up with…..why do the MS Brits and the Candian IT Pro Evangelists do a better job of IT Pro blogging then the US counterparts? It seems there is a focus in the US on non-IT Pros with interesting hires coming over to Jeff‘s team all the time…..where are the interesting IT Pro evangelists in the US?


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