Ever dream of being published?

You know who you are, you know a piece of technology inside and out, you have deployed it and have fixed it in almost every scenario imaginable, and everytime you read a blog, website, or magazine you think (why am I reading this, I already know this)….

Well smarty pants, My new favorite Microsoft focused magazine wants to publish YOU!!

This is really kind of cool, Josh Hoff is working on a great walk through of the process to help you get your article published. I know you could do something similar with Redmond magazine or the plethora of other rags out there…..but Technet magazine is aggressively looking to publish you (not some tech writer who doesn’t know anything about the technology)…..an experienced techie who knows how things work. So what should you do?

Step 1: Write a proposal

(take the example in the post, reword it, send it in)

I wonder when we’ll get an EMC focused Magazine…..


4 Responses to “Ever dream of being published?”

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