Exchange 2007: Service Pack 1 (official details)

Thanks for getting the initial Exchange 2007 Service Pack 1 details out to everyone so soon Terry!!

This is answered my big questions:

  • Will they fix the failover scenarios between sites for CCR?
  • Standby Continuous Replication (SCR)

  • Will POP/IMAP have a management interface?
  • Exchange Management Console

    SP1 will fill in the GUI holes that we just didn’t have time to complete by RTM, including:

    • Public folder configuration
    • POP and IMAP configuration
  • Will Longhorn really be supported?
  • IPv6

    On Longhorn Server, we will support Exchange 2007 on native IPv6 networks.

    It sounds like customers considering multi-site deployments, hosting, and OS upgrades with Exchange 2007 should carefully consider all the options available now and in SP1 before making a final decision…..and customers who want great mobility options should move now in preparation for the upcoming features!!

    This is the first time the general public customers have had this early access to enhancment information, keep it up Terry and team!!


    One Response to “Exchange 2007: Service Pack 1 (official details)”

    1. Andrew Wharton Says:

      Will they fix the failover scenarios between sites for CCR? What is this issue ? I have implemented CCR and all looks good.

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