Windows Mobile 7

I know everyone was looking for details on Windows 7, but what about windows MOBILE 7!!!

Well James over at MS will be working on the integration of Windows Mobile with the Open Mobile Alliance standards!! I have talked about this before in the context of RIM and MS and think this kind of integration is a huge step forward for the mobile industry.

It will be great to see if Microsoft takes this as far as it should go and open up the platform to work with more devices and software vendors. Ultimately consumers will benefit if they can choose what device they want and what software they want to synch with it. For example, I just upgraded to a windows mobile device myself vs. the blackberry pearl. Interoperability, application support, and connectivity to my corporate masters were the primary factors in choosing a device that did email/pictures/music. Both the pearl and the dash fit both of my main requirements, but the dash can do wifi…..and has more apps developed for it…..and windows mobile 6 is sexy….and if I can sync it with a OMA-DS software package in the future…..even better!!

6 Responses to “Windows Mobile 7”

  1. yakub Says:

    I think we must wait for a long month before we can try windows mobile 7 because not many people in many country have a chance to try WM 6 and microsoft still being search for a good situation to take profit with WM6. and i agree that WM6 is sexy enough for me.So people in the world keep to find details WM7 and give me a news… ha3X

  2. PPC Says:

    HTC the leading pocket pc manufacturer is planning to make new devices with a full web browser. perhaps they might be talking about wm7

  3. sultan Says:

    for windows mobile 7.0

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  6. techwoo Says:

    Windows Mobile 7 .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

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