Push email for Hotmail!

I just came across Mayurk’s post detailing a way to push hotmail email messages to a windows mobile 6 device…I am not sure what they are doing here to accomplish this…I’ve heard Windows Mobile 6 is not OMA compliant so is this an almost OMA-DS (SyncML) implementation or is it something a little more proprietary then that?

Either way it’s good news and really begins to move both Windows Live Mail (hotmail) and the Windows Mobile 6 platform into the mainstream…Hopefully it works better than WM5…

5 Responses to “Push email for Hotmail!”

  1. Himanshu L Says:

    I am jsut querious to know would it be possible to set hotmail push service in non windows mobile device? without using any (Java) 3rd party client?
    How would it be possible?
    Are there any specific server settings that needs to be done in device or there are many things comes in to real picture.
    If any one knows please update….

  2. Dave Says:

    Hi, you´ll find everything you need to push your hotmail at http://www.getmyhotmail.com and http://www.hotmailpush.com

    Good Luck

  3. hotmail email Says:

    This is really is good news for every one we can push anytime lol

  4. hot email Says:

    Wow kool stuff I will check it out

  5. hotmail email Says:

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