Authors, Speakers, and Bloggers…Oh My

There has been a lot of buzz lately from all the tech rags trying to get YOUR experiences and expertise into the mainstream. In a large part this has come from the realization that all you bloggers out there have a lot to say, know how to say it, and have readers interests….There has always been these traditional outlets to put your knowledge out in the open and some people are shy or unsure about doing it. It is much easier to put a blog together and write whatever crappy story you come up with… tech reviews, no editors, no deadlines…..but you don’t get the unique experience that is publishing….so what should you do?

You can always try (and keep on trying until it happens for you). If you have a half baked story surrounding a phenomenal technology implementation, or nugget of wisdom then you are more then qualified to attempt this kind of thing. If you are in the Windows IT Infrastructure space, you should see my last post about technet magazine. If you are in the Windows systems architecture space, you should see my last post about the architecture journal. If you would rather put together a presentation and talk about it, Monday (3/5/07) is the last day for submissions to the Exchange Connections Conference (SQL’s closing date is the 9th and Mobile’s closing date is the 16th). You should check out Paul’s post and put together a few abstracts then run over to the site and submit your abstracts. The worst that can happen is you’ll beef up the abstracts and submit them next year…..

An alternative solution would be to come to the un-conference session at the Spring Exchange connections conference in Orlando and get your presentation/article/idea out in front of your peers, then work on it for submission into any of the magazines/conferences at a later date.


2 Responses to “Authors, Speakers, and Bloggers…Oh My”

  1. Rolin Says:

    Hello Josh,
    That is great to have that drive and keep giving your best shot at the target.I need your help here please I work for Vodafone in the Czech Republic and the Mobile world is advancing all around me.What is going on really in the RSTP:// world here?Mobile TV and the battle for control of it all.Josh do you have a crystal ball you can look into here?Messaging Technology life.My idea’s are just idea’s and I would like to realise some of them before I turn into a gray old man!
    What about the computer world and mobile world joining into one along with Television too it all seems like its comming from outerspace and I would just like to jump on that train.Feeds and Blogs and Podcasts wild stuff.

  2. Devin L. Ganger Says:

    According to the info on Paul’s posting, the close date is 3/10, not 3/5.

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