Exchange 2007: Continuous Replication

Ewan has an interesting an interesting Continuous Replication post that provides an overview in one place of the different continuous replication technologies built into Exchange 2007 (including Standby Continuous Replication)…Although most of the data is from the help files, it is nice to start consolidating this stuff (it would be nice to see these overviews next to other replication technologies)…

A couple of things to keep in mind before or after you read the post….

  • High Availability generally refers to systems that don’t have a risk of losing your data (so SCC is still the only built-in true HA solution)….
  • Complexity does not equal Robust
  • Not specifying which network interface your replication runs over means implementation is a pain (e.g. replicating over the private subnet isn’t allowed today)
  • How do you test your SCR failover capabilities if the normal failover scenario is within the datacenter (between the CCR nodes?)
  • How will you upgrade to Longhorn Server?

Of course there are a lot of things to consider, these are just some things I was thinking about as I read Ewan’s post….feel free to leave feedback!


One Response to “Exchange 2007: Continuous Replication”

  1. Ewan Says:

    Actually, the post was written off the top of my head – the only bits from the help file were the illustrations, which I put in right at the end :) Maybe it’s good to know that the stuff I spout is consistent with the documentation :)

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